With GRIT, the Blockchain Heightens Excitement for Gamers

The sun beats down as you urge your horse, Blaze, to greater speeds, desperate to reach the front of the racing train next to you. Your gang of gunslingers gallops nearby, all intent on one goal: hijacking the train and taking control of the money in the first compartment. You sail over a log, barely holding on as the first bullet whizzes past your ear. Great, the sheriff and his posse have caught up, so time is running out. There’s also a steep riverbank approaching, so it’s now or never. Dropping the reins, you smoothly kick your right leg over your horse’s head and launch yourself out of the saddle, reaching for the railing on the train. You land awkwardly and just manage to hold on as your gang cheers and the sheriff swears, but there’s a problem – the train conductor has pulled a shotgun and is now firing at you, determined to blow you away and protect the money. You didn’t break out of jail, survive a Poker game with a sore loser, and leap out of a burning 2nd-floor saloon to be taken down by this guy, so you fire right back, triggering an apocalyptic showdown in the new game GRIT… 

Welcome to the new Wild West as envisioned by GRIT, Gala Games’ inaugural blockchain game on its Epic store. The ride-or-die battle royale, the ultimate in decentralization, player ownership, and reward economies, lets gamers assume the first-person role of a gunslinger and have an aerial view of their surroundings as they survive showdowns and gunbattles.

GRIT is creating new expectations for gaming. After you select your user mode (solo, duo, or squad), the Gunslinger Box allows you to select your GRIT avatar from 10,000 possibilities. Each character is generative, and you can own your gunslinger, accessing cosmetic loadout slots, increased earning potential, and more. You also choose from twenty different weapons, but be careful – with danger around every corner, you don’t want to be outgunned.

Now that your chaps are on, your bandana is pulled up, and your hat is secure, it’s time to become a gunslinger and find trouble – it won’t be hard. GRIT specializes in keeping you on your feet, whether it’s the day-night cycle that provides a tactical challenge for players as they escape a torrential storm or the gangs of gunslingers who have more than 400 old-school gun variations.

GRIT is also about unpredictability, as no two games are ever the same. You can choose your own scenarios, from Train Chase mode to Golden Horse, so that you can experience all the excitement and innovation GRIT offers. 

You’ll never look at card games the same way after your opponent pulls a gun on you when you try to collect your winnings. You will experience the heart-stopping moment of staring down your adversary in the deserted streets of Tombstone, and the one who wins will be the one with the fastest trigger finger. Don’t forget to look up, as you never know who may parachute in and cause trouble.

When things slow down, that’s when you need to be the most alert, as a deadly calamity is likely to hit you. It could be a sudden rockslide that threatens to bury you or a posse that has been tracking you for months and has finally located you. Around every corner is someone who has a score to settle with you and is ready to fight, so keep your eyes open, and you may survive.

GRIT incorporates realistic physics and plot twists to keep players guessing. Team GRIT, the creators of the game, have used the blockchain and Web3 to make a video game that players actually want to play.

“Here at Team GRIT, we are invested in this new ecosystem and see all the value that Web3 can bring to the gameplay experience,” says Jon Mavor, Chief Technical Officer at Team GRIT.  “We are excited to be working with Gala Games and by our presence on the Epic Games Store. Web3 will make players’ experiences in the Wild West even better.”

John Osvald, President of Games at Gala.Games, states, “Epic is a pioneer and visionary in the video game industry. Gala Games’ titles being available on the Epic Game Store brings legitimacy to this new genre of gaming.”

With the launch of GRIT, Gala Games is focused on releasing more battle royale blockchain games in the future. The company has dozens in the works and has solidified its place as a leader in Web3 gaming.

GRIT will thrill both the novice gamer and the enthusiast with its high stakes, unexpected twists, and fierce gun battles. So, if you are up to the challenge, sit down for a game of GRIT. Just don’t be surprised if you’re still playing hours later because you’re determined to survive just a little longer.

GRIT is a core battle royale game built on the Unreal Engine with realistic action and nonstop surprises. Players need to ride and fight through towns, build the best Poker hands, and watch their back at every moment. To experience the action and fun of GRIT, please check out its website

Gala Games is a pioneer in Web3 entertainment, and with Epic Games Store’s 194+ million users, will bring Web3 games to the masses, exposing millions of gamers to this new entertainment genre. 

Gynethia Sung
[email protected]